The Body Tincture


Elevate your fitness journey with our Body Tincture, merging the energizing benefits of cordyceps and full-spectrum CBG oil to amplify stamina, hasten recovery, and alleviate physical discomfort for those committed to an active lifestyle.

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Our Mind, Body, and Soul tinctures are mindfully curated to enhance and improve bodily functions through the use of naturally occurring cannabinoids and the healing power of fungi.

The Body Tincture combines cordyceps and full-spectrum CBG oil. Whether you work out regularly, lead an active lifestyle, or simply seek increased stamina and quicker recovery times, this supplement is tailored for you. Cordyceps mushrooms enhance oxygen levels in your blood, promoting improved energy, physical longevity, and faster recovery times, while recent studies have shown CBG to significantly reduce muscle recovery time and inflammation, addressing a major source of physical discomfort.


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