CBD Dog Treats


Each little paw contains 3mg of CBD and comes in a tasty peanut butter flavor. We offer a mixed bag of original, turmeric infused to support healthy joints and charcoal infused for fresh breath and healthy gut.

50 pieces per bag at 3mg each



We know your pet is important! We have mindfully prepared our treats with wholesome ingredients: gluten free rice flour, pumpkin, organic peanut butter, free range duck eggs, spring water, turmeric, activated charcoal and CBD.

Our Pineapple Paws were created to help our Pineapple pals. 30% of proceeds for this item will be donated to children in need of specially trained service dogs. Dogs are amazing! They can sense a seizure, lead the blind and even open doors and gather ones groceries. For many people with special needs a service dog provides a level of independence they had never known. We believe that all children regardless of financial opportunity deserve the same!
Please help us all be Pineapple Hero’s!


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