The Mind Tincture


Unlock enhanced cognition and safeguard your brain with our Mind tincture, expertly crafted with the neuroprotective benefits of lion’s mane and full-spectrum CBD for improved memory, focus, and defense against age-related mental decline.

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Our Mind, Body, and Soul tinctures are mindfully curated to enhance and improve bodily functions through the use of naturally occurring cannabinoids and the healing power of fungi.

The Mind tincture is a combination of the neuroprotective benefits from lion’s mane and full-spectrum CBD. Experience better cognition, improved memory recall, increased focus, and protection from brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. This is a must-add for anyone who would like to see an improvement in their daily brain functions, feels the mental fatigue associated with age, or has a family history of brain degeneration. After all, ‘The mind is a terrible thing to waste.'”


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