The Soul Tincture


Experience holistic wellness and soulful living with our Soul Tincture, blending nine mushrooms rich in mental clarity, endurance, and immune support, enhanced by full-spectrum CBD and CBG for amplified anti-inflammatory benefits and a tranquil state of relaxation.

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Our Mind, Body, and Soul tinctures are mindfully curated to enhance and improve bodily functions through the use of naturally occurring cannabinoids and the healing power of fungi.

The Soul Tincture combines nine mushrooms brimming with an array of benefits, including mental clarity, endurance, and a robust immune system. Many of these mushrooms have demonstrated a reduction in the risk of certain cancers, along with abilities extending to gut health and lowering cholesterol levels. We’ve enhanced this tincture with full-spectrum CBD and CBG to amplify the anti-inflammatory abilities of these mushrooms while promoting a relaxing state of rest. This is the everyday supplement for health, wellness, and soulful living, ensuring an all-around better you.


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